new 5.0 how many lbs on super charger


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Feb 11, 2006
have installed 5.0 crate motor 9-1 hypertec pistons running paxton supercharger carburated,at 5 lbs of boost (how much boost can i run safely) motor has about 4ooo miles on it, e-303 cam,svo alum heads, with 5 lbs im gettin 360 rwhp would like more but dont want to hurt motor, thank you:jaw: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign:
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Tuned really well.. you can run 10psi just fine.. maybe even more but i wouldnt push much past that.

hypers can take boost.. just not bad boost.. so make sure everything is tuned very well cuz hypers dont put up with detonation very long.
geneos5546, Look at my singature I made a few trips to the track and some street miles. It has a self tune (no dyno time) and runs perfect. It has 11lb. most of the time when the belt not slipping. What paxton do you have? Do you have any belt slip?