New 95 Vert


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Mar 31, 2002
Just picked up a 95 GT Vert in Deep Forest Green. I have never actually seen it in person since I am over seas. It looks to be very well cared for and clean. I have wanted this car since it was new model when I was in college. Now to figure out what to do to personalize. I hate the wheels but that is easy. I think subframes, light bar, strut tower and vortec S3 (Colorado thin air sucks the life from NA motors).

My wife (soon to be ex I guess) says it drives great for a car of that age. What do you think for a $5k car?


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love this color. I have one just like it but replaced the top and put a black one, sitting on black staggered bullits. i want to lower it a bit, get the light bar, mach1 lip and respray it the same color. but sooo much you can do to these