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Oct 3, 2003
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hey, i dont come to this part of the forum, im in the 5.0 section really, but my dad loves classic mustangs he has 5. He has a 67 shelby replica, we have been wanting a camera for a while and finally got one, for cheap just so we can get some videos on the comp, quality isnt very good, but just wanted to share, i know u guys are gonna say we should have done some burnouts when its wet, but we were really just figuring out how to use the camera, and we went to a show and it was pouring so bad we couldnt see so we were kind of mad when we got home, (if i get new videos that are better i will post some)
Heres a pic:

Heres the 3 videos i have for now: 040.avi 039.avi 041.avi
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yea thats true, but its always fun to do burnouts, my dad is over 40 and an experienced driver but things can happen to anyone, thanks for complimants
thanks guys, my dad exchanged the camera we got for one thats alittle better with more memory and stuff, didnt have enough time to get good videos but soon were going to go get some good videos
thanks, my dad wanted the look of the gt350r apron without the bumper, thats why he got the eleanor apron, he dosent like calling it an eleanor replica though, its kind of funny now becuase they sell the gt350r apron to fit the 67 and 68 mustangs, i forgot where i saw it but its to late now :)

im adding a few pics just to show off :D
another nice pic:

this is what the car looked like when we bought it(we got this for $2000, about 5 years ago)


here is what the engine it looked like when we bought it

heres what it looks like now
thats a good way to put it, before we changed to the eleanor we just kept it like that and that was our shelby replica with the back and scoops because the shelby front was alot of money, but it was time to chage it so we went with the eleanor instead of the real shelby front
i was thinking someone was going to ask, let me see if i can find the site

EDIT: ah i found it bearly, i was about to give up and just clicked on a link and that was it products.htm thats the site, now ive never heard of the people or anything so if u purchase it do it at your own risk, also the picture they show you isnt a good exapmle with the grill they used, if u want it to look good it will probaly have to be all black no ponies or anything, thats just my opinion, but good luck