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May 31, 2004
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Well I've owned a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT for the last year and have gotten tired of the high cost of upgrading/maintenance (coupled with an inherintly small engine for such a high weight), so I've decided to go with a fox-body 5.0 Stang. What is everyone's favorite year for the foxbody? Only reason I'm asking is because I've heard so many different things that I don't really know what to believe anymore; including difference in weight of the car, distribution on the tires, stock parts, etc.

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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
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Good choice. If you are planning to mod this car, I would go for a '89-92 because they came with forged pisons and had the mass air setup. Coupes are the lightest, verts are the heaviest, hatches are in the middle, but closer to the coupe than the verts. Also, get a manual transmission.


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Jan 30, 2004
Also, you will either get a nice body clapped out drive train, or clapped out body and interior and newly rebuilt engine...its hard to find both in the same car, unless you spend the moolah, so decide if you rather do body work or mechanical work (or both!). I would research the models for yourself so you get a better understanding, and also so you can figure out which body style you like best too. I love the 89-90's foxes, my friend wishes he could find a 4 eyes. Its ultimately up to you.


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Apr 25, 2004
If I were you I would consider all 3 of the stangs, the I own a vert and people give priceless expresions when they hear how loud it is!

But I also like the LX Notch for its muscle appeal, and very solid looking body.
While the GT Coupe looks very sporty and streamlined.

Bah, I love all three....


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Apr 7, 2004
Columbus, Ohio
Well....they make a GT hatch, but we all know thats what he ment. Here's a few pics for ya. And I recently bought it like you see it almost. :nice:



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Nov 1, 2002
Long Island, NY
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I like the 89s the best because of mass air, tilt wheel, and forged pistons. You will be happy whether its a coupe, hatch or vert. I currently have one of each but am selling because I can only drive one mustang at a time lol. I'm going with the coupe a few different reasons. But each have their own value to me because my first mustang was a convertible GT which I loved, and the next was a fully worked LX Hatch. Good luck.


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May 31, 2004
L-Town (Lubbock)
Thanks for the advice guys. I just sold my 'Tiac for about $5000, so where's the best best place to get a STOCK or nearly stock foxbody 5.0? Dealer, private, auction; not too sure and I'm having some trouble finding one.


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Will this be a daily driver? And if so, did you make use of that trunk space quite a bit in the Grand Prix?

I have a Notch, and I love my notch, but there are so many times I curse because I can't fit a whole lot in my trunk. [can't fit my 2 small slicks in my trunk] I used to have a 89 GT Cobra and a 91 LX hatch, and the use of the hatch was awesome... put my bike in there, had an 8.8 rear end I bought for the 91 in the hatch of the 91 with the seats folded down.

The Notches are the lightest, they have a look to 'em that people DO seem to like alot, but if the car has to be somewhat practical, but still a light as possible drag racer I say look for an LX hatch with little to no options unless you dont give a hoot about trunk/cargo space..

ALL Stangs from 1985 to 1992 are roller cam, forged piston motors and in late 1992 I believe they switched over to hypereutectic pistons due to cold start emissions regulations. 89-93 are mass air equipped [88 Cali cars were mass air].

Another thing to think about is, the T 5. From 1985 - 1989 or 1990 not sure, they were rated at 265 ft lb or torque. I think the year is 1990.. but the T5s got a little stronger and had a 305 ft lb rating. I wish I could find the magazine I have this all in but they had the T5s broke down over the year and I swear what I wrote here is how it was.

If I had to do it again.... i'd look for a very clean, low to decent mileage, 87-92 LX hatch with NO options. My 91 was a Calypso Green one and didnt have a single option, not even rear defrost, but it did have the black tweed interior... :nice:

Good luck!!!!


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Apr 2, 2004
Canton, Il
89 Coupe lightest cars they made, no airbag steering wheel, mass air, strongest body for a race car. Just dont get porno red interior.


Feb 17, 2004
Post Count City
'89 Coupe ...... tilt wheel :banana: ------ Problem with coupes (notchbacks) is they tend to sell for more money. To get a clean one usually runs upwards of 6K.

If you prefer the "fastback" look get an LX hatchback. You'll be able to get more car for the money as well. Try to find a well kept car under 100K miles.

87-88 speed density setup :notnice:
89-93 mass air setup :nice:
87-89 tilt wheel :nice: (no black interior) :notnice:
90-93 black interior option :nice: (no tilt) :notnice:
87-91 black body moldings
92-93 body moldings match body color

Really look the cars over well (read: extremely well) and don't, don't, don't buy the first one you see/drive. Even if it feels really beefy. Drive a few so you can make a comparison.

Try your local (state) AutoTrader magazine or or something.

Good Luck!!
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