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Hi all,

Just joined up here. Big into foxbodies but I appreciate all Mustangs. Up until the fall of 2013 I had owned a foxbody continuously since about 1989. After that 6+ year gap, in May 2020 I purchased a 1986 SVO from PA with 59,000 miles on it and in as pristine of condition as you are likely to find a 34 year old car.

After a summer of really enjoying that SVO the opportunity came along to buy a 1986 GT T-Top car with 22,000 miles also in outstanding condition. But rather than needing to go to PA to get it, it was 5 miles from my house!

To round it off, after comparing VIN numbers and carfax reports, I found these two cars were shipped both shipped from Dearborn MI on the same day - 3/10/86. They are approx. 5,000 apart in VIN sequence numbers. So a reunion of sorts!

Both cars are fully documented from the original receipts and paperwork to most/all maintenance receipts. I have a deluxe Marti report on order for the SVO and likely will order one for the GT.

The SVO has minor mods - sub frame connectors, k-member brace, maximum motorsport steering shaft and braided, SS brake hoses. I'm an OEM purist but these upgrades make a lot of sense for improving the durability. The GT has none of these so my upcoming projects for the GT include getting all these items in place. The GT does have after market headers, new cat-less h pipe and flow master mufflers (with the factory tips retained) and sounds fabulous! Also after market wheels but the factory wheels came with the car luckily. BTW the SVO has much more precise steering and handling and much better feeling brakes. The MM steering shaft is probably part of that but I suspect Ford's efforts to refine the SVO overall is also.

My other project for next year is for sound systems. Both cars have their factory premium sound systems in working order but I'm going to replace speakers, possibly add subwoofers and maybe add new amps. Will disassemble the head units and clean/oil the cassette decks and clean all the controls over the winter. Plus keeping up with normal maintenance and cleaning if a project in itself! If I can maintain these cars as well as the the previous 3 SVO owners and 2 GT owners I'll have done ok.

Looking forward to learning more from Stangnet. Here are some pics of my "babies" haha.



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The GT already had the front plate frame on it so it is what it is. I assume the first owner had it installed by the dealer since it was purchased new in NY and lived with that owner until 2017.

The SVO was never in a state that required a front plate until now. The factory front plate frame came with the car and is still new in the box from the dealer. I bought a plate frame that has a base which is attached with adhesive and then has a thumb screw which holds the bracket to the base. It can be quickly removed for the no front plate look and the base is not too noticeable. That is the universal bracket from
I like them both as well. The SVO has a quicker rack I believe. 3.5 turns lock to lock vs 4. The rods in the SVO match up with Boss 302 rods and I am still looking for another set lol. I agree someone who cared bought that SVO new. I almost bought one new in 86 when I worked for Ford. I bought a Turbo Coupe instead due to banking. I needed 5k down or the bank would not loan on a Mustang. They loaned me the full amount to buy the turbo coupe
some1 just brought the SVO ('14 tarus) in to install the 'methaine" (is it?). We put the tank and a bottle in the trunk (some put it all in the frnt bumper). We ran the lines thru the car to the frnt. From there (the dash) we ran thru the E-brake & under the car. No drill thru the ele steering bulkhead (1 guy used the wiper base plastic, I said "That'll let in water or break that."). Done on that 3/4 for the day. The go button & guage, tap the throttle body intake for nozzel & mount solinoid are in a few daze. He may order a metal pipe w/bung already created instead for that for TB intake. The kit?$600. All it duz is cool down the system. Already a ecoboost twin turbo (3.5L?) w/350 HP, 400tq? What's this gunna do? 5% more? 10%? When will it B enuff? (never! right?).