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Jul 15, 2003
somers Ct
Hey guys
After 3 months of spending $$$ on a weekly basis finally got some results. 306 with flat top pistons 10:1 Comp.
Cryo treated the whole block and rotating assembly (crank, rods, cam).
GT-40 Y303 Ported Heads done by Vortex Automotive on a CNC Mill and by hand.
Comp Cams Magnum .533 intake lift w 218 Duration and .544 Exhuast lift 220 Duration 114 Deg Lobe Seperation.
FRPP 1.6:1 Roller lifters.
Ported Cobra intake also CNC and hand blended by Vortex Automotive.
FRPP Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers!!!
Aside from that I have a Jacobs 5.0 Ignition, 24lb/hr injectors, C&L 73 MM MAF, 65MM T-body, Mac CAI, Flowtech X-pipe w flowmaster cat back, 3.55 Rear Gears, World Class T5 with Alum Drive Shaft.

Goal is to make 300 to the rear wheels, 350-340 at the flywheel. Do you guys think this is possible???? Will post more pics as I get everything together and into the engine bay! :D


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The lower plenum is a Chrome Powder coat while the Base of the distributer I buffed out at my machine shop. I did all the powder coating and polishing/buffing at my machine shop. Powder coating is one of the services we offer along with CNC Porting. The Ceramic coated header run me about $200 brand new, good deal to me. Wait till i post pics of what I did to the engine bay, that was a project in itself!!! Thanks for looking guys!!!