New Exhaust SIDE PIPES!!!!!


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May 9, 2005
Alright well I got it done today. I had 3" flowmaster mufflers put in up front in the cavity right after the cats that already had some heat shields etc. and then I had the pipes made to run out the sides right in front of the rear tires. The exhaust guy also flatened the tubing so it would give me some more ground clearance. But its got the 3inch tubing in and 3 inch tubing out the side and I havent figured out tips yet. It sounds freaking awesome very very loud but sounds alot like a 66 shelby cobra cobra its really aggressive. Only down side is that on driveways with an extreme angle I have to drive sideways like you would with a lower vehicle so that they dont scrape. This was all in preparation for my eleanor kit that I will be running when Thalon Design completes there. I will get pictures tomorrow as soon as I can also I will get a sound file if I knew how to do that, any ideas. Well just thought I would let you know.

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are you running any type of crossover pipe?, I thought most dual exhaust systems benifited from a h pipe, x pipe etc ? Please give pics, underside and side view.
I had Borla side pipes on my 2000 Stang.

It was my intention to cut the side pipe system from my old stang and have it installed on my 05. No dice.... frame and undercarriage were totally different!

Side pipes are waaaay cool, but kiss ground clearance good-by.

Be sure to post a good photo of the muffler location.
Alright Ive got like 6 pictures for you guys but Im not sure how to post them I tried using the manager at the bottom of the post page, but it said my picture was to big so i wasnt sure how to downsize the files if anyone could help out that would be great.

Thanks John
heres some pics


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Sweet. About time some SN197s had side exhaust (Roush take notice).

IMO - - - An angle cut rolled oval tip would look awesome in front of the rear tire if you planned on keeping the side valence stock.
Well you guys are free to your own opinion, its definetly not ghetto rigged it was designed and installed with professionalism and thought. However I do feel it is a little out of place in its current state and feel that when I get the eleanor kit and have a side skirt with an exhaust opening that it will bring it all together and look pretty bitchin.

when you get all those together, yes, it will be one hell of a side exhaust. But at its current state, it does "LOOK" ghetto rigged. Im sure the people who installed it were pros, but it just looks stupid right now.
I have seen race car side exhaust and other cars with side exhaust. It serves a purpose. It is different looking from the standard and it may look odd or "ghetto rigged?" to some. To some others who want a better sound out of the muscle car engine this is the way to go. :cheers:
Okay, here is what you should have done and can still do it!!

Install an electrically controlled divert valve. When you select one position it diverts exhaust out the side (racing or fun factor). The other position diverts it out the back(street driving). Most folks who do this divert the exhaust out the side with no muffler. When diverted out the back it goes through the muffler.

I can not remember where or who makes this. I know that it is trick as heck. And believe it or not functions correctly.

Maybe someone else here can come up with the folks who carry it. Jegs, Summitt Racing????