New From Tulsa, Ok

Hey All,

I've been a mustang owner since I was 18 (I'm 24 now), and have followed these forums closely over the years. I finally decided to join and discuss! My current car is a 35th Anniversary GT, Performance Red, 5 Speed Manual. I love it! The main reason I joined was to get some input on future mods from fellow 'Stang owners. Looking forward to posting and being a part of the community!

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As long as it is my daily driver, I'll probably go with a mild cam of some sort, eventually going boosted. Long term plans are actually to go to the Aluminator 4.6 when the current engine goes (82,000 miles, still plenty left). I'll probably start spring next year with the cams. Any suggestions there?
Welcome Kevin. If modding Mustangs is what you're into, you've come to the right place. A lot of really knowledgeable guys over in the '96-'04 4.6L Forums.

You're probably better off asking your talk and technical questions in one of the forums here, as the Welcome section is essentially just a stop in and say hello checkpoint. Not a lot of traffic otherwise.