New from Virginia

I've used this and several other forums for trouble shooting various problems with my Mustang and finally joined. I've owned three different Mustang, I started with a 70 Grabber Blue Boss clone from outside of Atlanta in 2001 I put a Ford EFI and a 5sp and drove it for awhile, then I started fixing rusty panels and buying parts..... and it sat and sat. I traded it in 2019 for a Terminator hated the clutch and the ergonomics were horrible for a short legged guy like me. I traded that beast a little over a month later for a 2011 GT Brembo pack and I'm keeping her. She's been a love hate relationship the #8 cylinder was down to 120psi and missing, I swapped out the bad motor in my garage for a rebuilt GEN 1 motor from Ford and have been pretty happy, since then. I plan on doing some minor upgrades and some nicer wheels I also need to get the bumpers resprayed and a couple of aluminum corrosion issue on the hood that need to be fixed.

Stang 1.jpg
stang 2.jpg
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