New guy but not new guy


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Nov 22, 2009
Suffolk Co, NY
I got out of drag racing and all things Mustang @ 10 years ago when I had a really bad wreck with my twin turbo'd 91 Stang. So I have been playing with Jeeps in the mean time. I just sold my 96 Grand Cherokee and have my 92 Cherokee up for sale so I now bought a 93 Mustang LX hatch.

Plans for now are to get it running, it is a roller but the guy I bought it from included a 95 GT 5.0L and on the way home with it today I bought a rebuilt AOD with converter for $75 bucks. Also plan to install a Wolfe Race Craft roll cage, rear suspension, mini tubes, RaceCraft k-frame, control arms and a manual rack, front coil over conversion. To see just how much faster we can get it by playing with suspension and gearing first, then add a single turbo or install a bottle.

Long term build and install a stroker 427, and a built AOD(it will be a street car)

Here is a quick pic I took when we stopped to grab some lunch.

Has no seats a messed up headliner and a sunroof, he also gave me a 8.8 with 2.73 gears(I have a few sets of 8.8 gears)probably going to stuff a set of 3.73's and a mini spool in it.
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