New guy here

Hello all. I just signed up for an account here and I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Jeff, From Modesto, Ca and own a Redfire '06 Mustang GT with a Paxton Novi kit and a few other things. This weekend I will have to wash her up and get some pis to post so stay tuned:nice:
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Welcome. I am from Modesto as well. Does your car have stripes, louvers, etc...? Just wondering if I have seen you around town.

Actually it is sort of a sleeper right now.:D It has the stock 18" wheels, stock springs and no tint, stripes or louvers ! Hopefully that will all change very soon.

But the motor is built and has a Paxton Novi kit, full exhaust and 3:55 posi rear end. The tuner that built it claims that it was over 500hp. I tend to believe him because I have pulled on my neighbors Z06 twice now. Pisses him off:nice: . He can still get me from a dead stop, but only because the Gforce tires on my ride offer me little in the way of traction:shrug: