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Apr 3, 2006
Hey guys I'm new here and I just got my first mustang. I am pumped to be an owner and I am loving the car. Here are some pics. Hope you like it.

p.s. I want to put a bassani catted x and bassani axleback on it soon. I would appreciate your opinions on this set up and if you have any vids or sound clips of a similar set up that would be great. Thanks for looking.
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Nice car! My opinion on the exhaust is........ I like the sound of an h-pipe much better. More low end growl. With a set of longtubes it will still have the cracking sound under hard acceleration. The x-pipe is only worth a few hp at best and sounds nasty IMO.
Thanks for the info and compliments, Can anyone give me some pointers on which h-pipe to get and where. If I just want a little louder, low rumble (kind of like the stock sound just a little louder) would you suggest just axlebacks?
X pipes absolutely give the best torque and HP over the entire RPM range. If you need any proof, just look to the GT500 which is the 1st Mustang to have a X from the factory.

With that said, I have a Basanni catted X on mine 2001 GT and it does sound sort of crappy below 3,000 RPM. Above 3500 RPM and especially at high RPM, WOT it sounds awesome.:nice:

Basannis are made real nice, with 300 alloy stainless that won't rust.

I you want the best sound at lower RPMs go with an H.

If you want maximum power and want it to really sing at high RPMs, get and X.