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May 8, 2005
Albany, OR
Hey all,

Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm 25, and I just got out of the military a few months ago, served with the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, NC, primarily. A little time in Hawaii also, as well as various deployments. Eventually, a wound from Afghanistan forced me out, as I couldn't quite keep up with fellow infantry soldiers - especially paratroopers - with a hurt leg. Anyway, I was in 5 years total, got out as an NCO, highly decorated with a damn good career, so it's all good.

I drive a 2001 Lightning and live in Albany with my younger brother. My L is Oxford White with a dented tailgate and Purple Heart plates. I'll probably be selling it, since I'm kinda getting more and more annoyed by the payments every month (I still owe around 13k), and I've always wanted a '94/'95 GT/Cobra track car. So who knows.

My younger brother is 19 and also going to college here. Since I've came home, I've managed to get him out of his Pontiac Grand Am, and not only into the idea of buying parts for his car and modifying it, he bought an '86 5.0. We're hoping to hit the drag strip SOMEWHERE for the first time in that car soon... We're not even sure how stock the engine is, since a few things look a little new and other things are missing, like the A/C. His car is white also, with a beautiful interior. We've also got some BBK shorties to throw on it, when we get the courage up to try. We're both kinda newbies to the DIY part of this hobby, haha. The shocks are shot, so he's trying to save up some cash to buy a new set, preferably the KYB AGX (if my memory is right), but he's working on a college budget and having some difficulty finding good prices.

So, that's it... Hope to meet some of you guys at the strip. Anything happening this weekend?

Take care, sorry for the length! :nice:

I'm Thomas, his name is Michael. No pics of the vehicles, unfortunately. :damnit:
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GI bill and Training unemployment.

you will make more the first year that when you were in the service. :D

I definantly did when I got out as an E-5.

welcome to stangnet.
hit up the unemployment office and ask about training unemployment. Its for people who cannot find applicable civilian jobs. such as jumping out of planes and shooting people.

it paid me $400 a week, and the GI bill paid over $1000 a month.
I was able to milk the unemployment for around a year. which helped me well on the way to an associates. I went for a two year degree as a paramedic.

also, you probably already have hit up the VA for disability.
Thanks for the reply and welcome. I'm actually planning on going to the unemployment office tomorrow. I've been getting $330 a week for a few weeks and the guy wants me to get a job at the post office. So I'm going to go in and actually talk to this guy, show him what my career consisted of and what my plans are. It sounds silly, but I'm actually going to go to school for plumbing. Good plumbers make excellent money.

I still have to hit up the VA with all my paperwork and I've been stalling because I'm intimidated by all the paperwork, haha. Stupid, I know. The Army gave me a 20k severance, and from what I understand, the VA disability checks will actually go to the Army until that "debt" is paid, and then will come to me.

Who knows. I need to go in this week. And it cracks me up that the unemployment agency wants to stick a disabled combat veteran in a job known for employees snapping and killing people.

Maybe that is an applicable job... Hmm...
one mans poop is anothers bread and butter :D

supposedly the VA has streamlined the paperwork for disability. I was going to claim my hearing loss, but I have a hard time wanting money for something so mundane. I think I would feel like I am ripping off the tax payers.

Definantly look into the training unemployment. The only requirements are that you stay enrolled full time, and fill out weekly forms stating that you are in school.

The post office will waive its testing time limit for up to one year after you get out. IIRC.

My father in law retired from the postal service, and he told Me not to even consider it as a career. I guess they treat thier employees pretty crappy.
Plumbers dont make crap (25 an hour) considering there in school as much as electricians and they are always out of work, Go for commercial electrician they make 30 an hour and it could lead to alot better job. My dad knows the owner of Ault electric down here in tacoma, and hes never out of work.