New project running today. 63 Galaxie


New Member
Feb 13, 2003
Manhattan, Kansas
A friend of mine has been working on his 63 Galaxie and hasn't gotten it to run since he swapped engines. I didn't see why there would be such a problem this is a pretty smart old car guy. He told me to bring my test equipment and he would pay me well for my time.

Turns out he put an EFI 5.0 in it and couldn't get the ignition wired right. After 2 hours of testing components with a meter and my labscope I gave up on parts an decided it had to be in the wiring harness. One by one I worked through each wire. Less than 30 minutes later I found the problem and you wouldn't believe how smooth it runs.

I worked fairly hard for about 2.5 hours he said he would pay me for the entire time I was there (over 4 hours) and the last 1.5 hour I walked around and he showed me all of their projects, INCLUDING A WRECKED BLUE 88 MERKUR sitting around back that I didn't know he had. He didn't know much about it and it was free to him. He told me today that i'll end up with it. :nice:

Maybe the curse is over and its time to let the EFI cars roll.
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