New top and weatherstripping....cut down wind noise ?


Mar 31, 2005
Boston, MA
I found someone up here that will do my new top for 500 dollars. I also am thinking about getting new weatherstripping for it. Not sure of the condition of the weatherstripping of the roof, but there is a leak on the highway coming from where the header and the top meet. My question is, for those of you that replaced your weatherstripping (and top), how much did this cut down on wind noise ?
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Dec 29, 2005
Taunton, MA
If you have a leak where the header and the top meet, then it is either the header weatherstripping or the latches. If the weatherstripping looks worn, then get some new stuff... but if the latches are weak, water will leak in when your on the highway. You can adjust the latches by tightening the j-hook to get a better seal. The wonderful convertible top design allows the frame to land on top of the windshield, so all that air on the highway pushes it up (especially when your going over 70-80mph).

As far as wind noise goes... new weatherstripping wont really help, unless you have gashes/holes in the current weatherstripping.

So in my opinion, try adjusting the latches... if you still get a lot of water, you probably need weatherstripping.

Also... there are little set screws at the first hinge of the frame... adjusting those might help, but it also might make it worse. This is probably the last thing u should mess with.

One more thing... Make sure that you aren't mistaking a leak at the header with a leak where the header meets the pillar weatherstripping. There should be a good seal at this location. Use a hose and squirt this location to see if there is a leak.


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Oct 17, 2004
Woodward Ave.
I have a bad header seal that I need to replace. The best way to get rid of wind noise would be with some sort of headliner to insulate the top from the cabin.

No new weather stripping for me, yet!