New Vanity Plate - Opinions?

Like it?

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Apr 28, 2012
Fort Belvoir, VA
I already had holes drilled in the front so why not. I used Ford's font and made this in photoshop and uploaded to a vanity sign shop online. didn't turn out as good as I would have liked, but an hour in photoshop and $15 isn't too bad I guess...
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Yeah, I hate front plates as well. As you can see, mine already had one when I bought it and I now live in a state that requires it. :mad:

While I think yours looks fine, if I didn't have to have one, I would remove it. But.....that's just me.
I have my front already drilled to and i didnt fill it when i painted so.... Love bein blown. i ordered it right after i picked the blower up
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@koala33, but you live in VA that requires a front plate (or have you moved?). I use to live there and was pissed that I had to drill two holes in a perfect front for the frigging plate. I've moved to a state that does not require a front plate and they've since been plugged. I prefer no plate for sure.
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