Newest Mods Tons of pics, your comments welcome!


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Jun 16, 2006
Well it started out as painted my valve covers a flat black. After this I wanted some flames to make them stand out a little. Well the painted gave me an old school flame on my covers which is what I asked for but not what I wanted.

After showing him a picture he informed me those were called real fire flames. So that is what I ended up getting. However it turned out lighter then I had expected. Not realizing how light they were until putting them on my car. At this point I like the contrasting colors, it breaks up my VB eng bay somewhat.

Well as I said here are some pics tell me what you think. I've posted this on some other forums but I know some of you here don't go to the others so tell me what you think! :flag:

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Here are a few Before and afters

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mine works really well and can take a fair amount
Aug 31, 2006
Central VA
:rock: Those really give it more of a finished look! Just too bad that they now make those surface rust covered exhaust manifolds look out of place. Oh well, that's just more money to remedy that, huh?