Nitrous FAQ's

Okay I have 1k To spend (add a clutch to that tab) so figure about 600-700 to spend on a nitrous kit...What do I need I have a basicly stock 00 GT with a Spec1 clutch (coming this week). I plan to run 75-150 kit wet, Most likely ill run 125-150 for my track time after some time and practice with the kit! Im going with Autolite 103's or NGK Br7ef plugs, Ive heard people say to run a window switch but im not even sure what it is or does....Any help Please!!!!!
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I would suggest a window switch, it is just added safety to keep you're manifold in one piece. You insert little pills into it for say 3000 rpm and 6000 rpm and the nitrous will spray only in that window. Hence the name window I suppose. Not much more expensive to get one, well worth it. Good luck, and dont forget, youre going to need a few more bucks to get a really nice nitrous system going...i.e purge, gauges, etc.
Oh and I forgot to mention, dont forget a pair of sub frame connectors for when you go to the track. All that torque will after time warp the frame of you're car... :notnice: so just keep that in mind and expect somethings to break (rear end, etc.) sorry, not trying to scare you, but it happens.
you can do 150 with a solid tune without being risky. Get the recommended safety features listed above and you'll be fine. Remember to NEVER run nitrous after running the motor for a good time unless you alow a cool-down period.

Also, buy a kit used, there are handfulls for sale.