Nitrous Tech ??


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Mar 16, 2003
Looking into picking up a nitrous express kit on a 01 GT (My wives car and no she will not be driving it :nice: )

I have magnapacks exhaust on my other car and a O/R Magnaflow Tru-x. Trying to figure out what a stock GT would pull on the dyno with these mods (or similar high flowing setups) Probably gonna go with a 100 shot, no more no less. That would be some good cheap 12's if I could hook up. Has anybody ever blown a sotck motor on 100 shot that you can remember on a safe setup (excluding the times when people were doing something stuipid) I don't know any mustang numbers with nitrous, but I remember some insane torque gains with spray. Will a T-45 grenade on that much push? This motor has to last until I can rebuild it for a turbo setup. So I am basically trying to save money and not have to build 2 engines. I am saving now, but I lost it when I saw how cheap nitrous is. Temporary fix perhaps
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I don't know about a 4.6, but I shot a stock 5.0 shortblock w/ 120,000 miles on it with a 175 shot.You should buy a new fuel pump (or a Boost-A-Pump) an adjustable regulator and timing light, stuff you would need with the turbo's anyhow.Torque gains are huge and the instant power in nice.If you get the turbo swicth to a wet kit and use the 100 shot.That way you don't have to wate for the turbo to spool up, and it acts like an intercooler.My 86 has a almost stock 5.0 w/ a 150 shot, the T-5, and 4:10 gears the car smokes 10in slicks!Don't even bother purging,it just revels the secret.
You should be all right just retard the timming, and like you said "Don't do anything stupid". Like trying to spray at 2000RPM when you had a badass hook on ET streets, I was luky and just blew a spark plug :D ; but had to tow the car home (this was with 125shot dry) by the way bluevenom867 99+ GT don't have FPR because of our returnless fuel system.