Non fox 5.0 question...


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Nov 29, 1999
I am harvesting an 87 5.0 engine from a Grand marquis. This will be going into my 66 f100.

Engine is bone stock, with all the wiring, smog, etc.

how much will I actually need to save? The engine has a solid mat of wires and vacume lines. I would prefer to keep the EFI set up and transfer it over.
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technically you would just need the main engine and EFI harness along with the appropriate vacuum lines. If you wanted to keep the smog and the A/C then everything will have to come over. Re-wrap the harnesses with tape and loom and you can make them more compact than they are now which makes it easier to streamline everything.
How much of the smog stuff can be removed, before it starts giving fault codes?

I do not have to adhere to emissions standards, due to the year and where I live.
I pulled the charcoal canister, smog pump, and run an off road H on my 87 mustang and it only throws the canister purge solenoid code. driveability doesnt seem to be effected so I would assume that if you removed all of that you would still be ok.

I would keep the EGR and still run O2's.

as for the vacuum hoses cruise control, HVAC controls and a host of other items run off the vacuum system. I would leave all of them alone. If you really wanted to clean bay up. Run all the lines to a vacuum tree that is in the fender wells or in another inconspicuous spot.
If you are building a truck I would run old school tri-y header manifolds through a 2.5" Y pipe down line to a single in dual out SPintech sportsman muffler.
The problem with the mid 80's crown vic/grand marquis platform. Is that there is pretty much no aftermarket for them. There are NO aftermarket headers available.

I did find out that stock mustang headers will fit.
They will bolt up, but not clear the frame or suspension.

According to the crown vic forum that I found...

I have some long tubes for a 302. I will have to see if they clear or not. Summit sells flanges for building your own header. But I am not that motivated.
isnt that a non-HO motor? not 100% sure, but i was thinking at least the Grand Marquis were non-HO. (friend has an 80's 5.0 marquis) i know the intake at least faces the opposite direction :shrug:
non HO, speed density. Intake faces the drivers side.

I found this on I am wondering what needs modified on the shorty headers.

Though I'd post some of the most common questions I'm asked and a couple tricks I've learned over the years.

HO Conversion, You need:
E7 Heads (Found on 87-93 Mustangs, 89-92 Lincoln Mark 7's and 87-96 E/F series w/302 (351w has larger head bolts)
HO ECM, engine computer (Mark 7 to keep cruise on the 88-91 boxes, 86-88 mustang for the 86-87 box)
19Lb injectors 86-up mustang, 89-92 mark 7, 87-96 E/F series trucks (302/351)... They have an orange top.
HO upper intake 87-93 Mustang, 89-92 Mark 7
HO Throttle body
HO cam 86-93 Mustang, 89-92 Mark 7

The 2 modifcations needed:
The linkage arms on the throttle bodies need to be swapped. It's easy and straightforward. Grind, swap reattach with screw, JB weld, or actually weld it. The EGR spacer will need to be enlarged to 63mm. A couple minutes on a lathe fixes it up. The 93-95 Ford lightning and some Aussie Fords use a similar EGR spacer if you can find it.

Common misconceptions:
1. Wiring. There are NO changes to the wiring for the HO conversion.
2. Wiring . There are NO changes to the wiring!

To help you get the most out of the HO conversion:
Dual Exhaust. 2.25" minimum.
Headers: Mustang shorties work with some modification, most people get the H-pipe too and get a cat back exhaust done.
Trans: Mustang/Mark 7 Governor. Raises the shift points to match the engines power band. Transmission cooler is recommended.
shift kit helps too.
Fuel pressure: sometimes you can get away with the stock pump. Check your fuel pressure and make sure it's good at WOT.

Other tips/Tricks
1. Timing is everything! Make sure your timing is correct. If it's off, it'll kill your power and milage. Bump it to 12-14* for a little extra HP, just pay attention to detonation, if it happens, back the timing off.

I will keep this thread open for the time being.
Others can post replies and ask questions regarding the HO conversion.
I will update this from time to time, so re-read it every once in a while.

isnt that a non-HO motor? not 100% sure, but i was thinking at least the Grand Marquis were non-HO. (friend has an 80's 5.0 marquis) i know the intake at least faces the opposite direction :shrug:

you can flip it any way you want. same with the mustang intake. doesnt matter what side its on.