Noobie help, Have a few questions

Alright, well I've always wanted a 5.0 and it looks like I'm getting my hands on one. Finally getting out of the import scene, sold my 300zx.

I am most likely buying a 92 with these mods
shorty headers
ford 30lb/ hr injectors
trick flow aluminum heads
ford motorsport E303 cam
1.62 crane gold rocker arms
trick flow aluminum street intake
70mm throttle body
75mm mass air meter
Adjustable NOS dry kit only spayed a few times. Adjustable jets from 50 - 150hp
New fuel lines
Adjustable fuel pressure gauge
K&n hi flow filter
2 core alum radiator
3.73 rear end
Full suspension upg
the suspension has a stage 4 kenny brown suspension kit
This means it handles like a dream and is fully adjustable
Koni front adjustable struts and rear shocks
Adjustable 4pt rear suspension.
Adjustable upper and lower aluminum control arms
Sub frame connectors
Strut tower brace
Camber caster plates
It has hi flow 2.5 h pipe with cats from bassani and flow master exhaust w/ removable tips

Do you guys think this build is more all motor ? I was wanting to drop the nitrous and maybe do a supercharger. Just wanted to get some opinions on what others think. Keep it nitrous or drop it and supercharge it? Maybe both?:nice: :notnice:
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All depends on your compression, find out your compression first, nos likes compression and from what I've gathered you want lower compression for boosted applications.
from the looks of its like a solid 12 sec car, i dont know much it the 300zx or how built yours was but if its a stock block ( even if is got a built lowerend but same stock block) you would have to ditch the nos for the s/c. The kaboom limit of these blocks are around 450rwhp no way really around it. with 5lbs of boost it would put you around 400 with a good tune. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

Im pretty sure 92 had forged pistons still, because if they are hypertautic you can use boost.