not a ford, but hoping for help


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Oct 13, 2005
I have a brand X work truck. It has a 4.3 v6. If the thing is cold, it will not start. It is getting spark, and it has 60psi fuel pressure when cranking. If I spray starting fluid on the air cleaner it will stumble to a start and then run beautifully for as long as I want, unless I shut it off for about 15 minutes.....then I have to spray starting fluid to get it to start again. I replaced the air inlet temp. sensor and the map sensor, but no change. It's like it's not getting any fuel on the intitial startup. Like I say, I know this is not a mustang question, but there seem to be alot of people on here that have a mechanical expertise that far exceeds mine.........thanks
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Wait, where is JR's earlier post with the go cart comment?

Can you perhaps tell us the type of fuel injection (if applicable) that you have? This is a GM product, right?

Knowing if it is SEFI, CFI, etc will help.

Good luck.