Notched Pistons help


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Dec 14, 2005
Winnipeg manitoba
I just ordered a set of patriot performance heads and I'm wondering if I will need to get my pistons notched and if so how much will it cost? I have a B-cam and 1.7 scorpion rr coming in to.

head specs:

Combustion Chamber:
60cc Intake Runner: 185cc
Exhaust Runner: 70cc
Intake Valve: 2.02"
Exhaust Valve: 1.60"
Max. Valve Spring Lift: 0.550"

Thanks in advance
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I assume you have the stock engine? If so then your pistons should already be notched assuming they are stock. I have the Patriot Heads on my 1990 GT with a F303 cam and 1.6 RR's. The max lift the Patriot Springs can handle before bottoming out or beaking is .540. If you have a F cam and 1.7's the setup wouldnt work. The B cam and 1.7's should be okay.
If you have a 1986 Mustang 5.0 engine the pistons are forged but they are NOT notched, they are flat with no valve reliefs. To be sure on yours, setup ONE back, lay the gasket on block, head on gasket, and loosely install the head bolts and just HAND TIGHTEN, or torque down with the old head gaskets. Install your valve train and turn the motor over and see if there is any interference. If you want to check the amount of clearence put some putty ontop of the pistons and valve reliefs before loosly installing the head and turn the engine over BY HAND, then remove the head and check the putty...:nice:
Those that have had them clear the factory pistons have been LUCKY! Checking piston to valve clearance is critical.. Chances are the 2.02 intake won't clear the factory valve reliefs.

Be sure to use clay and MEASURE the amount of clearance... Just because they don't hit when turning over by hand does not mean they won't when you spin it up.