novi 2000 eating belts?


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Apr 16, 2003
the more time passes, the more i hear the novi 2000 is eating belts. im all lined up with my set up for summer. i have wanted this blower from the start. well, of course there was the initial research and the occasional thinking if i should go a different route, but i always come back to the NOVI

it seems to fit the setup im going after the best. thing is i keep seeing posts on how the novi is eating and shreading belts. do any of you guys have the novi 2000 blower working the way it should, without any problems????

thats all i want to know...what is you experiance and is this blower working right? thanks!!
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I NEVER DID EITHER, until now. every time i hear of a belt shreading its the novi 2000.:shrug:

i just want to know if people have them working right so i know it can be done without too much trouble. if the blower has some kind of problem then i might have to change the plan........nothing else really works for me though.
When you start getting into the smaller pulleys every blower is going to start shreading belts. At least thats what Ive been told. Someone told me though that the Novis eat up belts more than others. Dont know if thats true or not.
i've heard of more problems with vortech than novi as far as eating belts. mine only started once i put the RR pulley on. those pulleys are hell on belts anyways!

the novi is a great blower and is f'n huge compared to the others. the only other centri i would consider is a procharger.
i really only want the novi, but after all the cash spent i dont want belts shreading.

so saleen, do you still use the rr pully or did you switch back to a paxton pully? if you switched, how is the paxton pully?
i ran the paxton pulley from may to august with no problems. i put the RR on in sep and since then i have shreaded 2 belts. i have driven the car about 1500 miles since sep, so about every 700 miles i had to change the belt.

just stick with the stock paxton pulleys and you'll be fine. when i get my new engine i will be running an 8 rib 2.75 paxton pulley and a 10% overdrive crank pulley. with the 8 rib kit i hope i wont see much belt slip.
yea i am going to run the 8 rib too. with either 3.0 paxton pully. im just useing the regular size crank pully.

i dont think you should see slip....that is the point of the 8 rib, right!

you are going to see a lot of boost with the 2.8 and bigger crank. :jaw:

what boost are you looking to push, 20 some psi?

i was looking to get 15psi out of the 3.0 or 2.9 and reg. crank pully.:shrug:
thanks stangman! that is encouraging. i only wanted that blower anyway.

saleen, i think you should see that boost and power. im hoping for in the 530rwhp rang after all said and done at 15 psi. i think with the an additional 5 psi you should see atleast 600

i know last time i saw my tuner, he had an 03 cobra on the dyno with the kb upgrade pushing 600rwhp and 600 rwtq!!!!

i am sure he had the regular boltons but he didnt have cams.

my point is i think your blower cams even out the flow against the 4valve heads, and i think you should see 600rwhp. that is a ton of power. if i hit 530rwhp i will be happy. that is a lot for a strictly street car.

well see....good luck!!!!