O/R H Pipe

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A trained ear could probably tell just by listening whether or not it has cats. If the mufflers were SLP, magnapacks or stingers I wouldnt be too sure. But a car can only be so loud with cats.

I used to run a bassani catted x. Switching from that to the O/R H, there was only a difference in volume 2500+ rpm. Anything under was basically the same. Just keep the RPMs down and you should be ok. Besides, how often do you hear someone with a mustang fuss about getting a ticket for their exhaust? I've been pulled over 3 times with no cats (not for the exhaust) and they never questioned my exhaust. Probably just the import crowd mostly that gets bothered.
my setup sounded great, it was loud, but it wasnt a nasty sound. and i could tell, at idle, they cant, but if they pull you over and they know the smell, they could. but i would not worry about it. But whoever said it is right, above half throttle, it is loud, but it wasnt loud in the car, at least not in mine (but i had a stereo that was up all the time).
I have magnaflows with an o/r bassani x and i haven't had any problems so far, actaully it is fairly quite until u get about 2,500 rpm or are full throttle, as others had said it is not that loud in the car bout have someone else drive around the block and u would be a little surprised how loud the car is. I have been thinking of changing out my magnaflows for either packs, bassani, or borla to make it a little louder. One thing that does give it away that my car doesn't have cats is the smell, instant difference when the pipe was changed.