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Jan 31, 2006
Wichita KS
So I got a ticket last night. Driving the white ranger home from Texas Road House, a Wichita Police officer pulled my girlfriend and I over. After looking thru my truck he asked me "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over tonight?" I replied "No officer I have no idea why you have pulled me over." The officer then replied "A little while back you made an illegal turn" :eek: It was at this point in the conversation I determined that this officer of the law was one of 2 things, bored, or jealous of my fine ford truck. :rlaugh: I then told the officer that I was sorry and I would try to avoid doing it again. I had honestly never even heard of somebody getting a ticket much less pulled over for such and infraction. He then told me "I'm going to need your license and your proof of insurance" I obeyed and he returned to his car to run my id and check my spotless record. :rolleyes: He returned and said "I'm going to issue you a citation tonight and I need you to sign here saying that I have explained this all to you. I then said: “You are honestly going to ruin my perfect driving record for an illegal turn?" :mad: He then said "Yea well we all get tickets some day" I conformed and signed the B.S. ticket while he was explaining the ticket to me I was reading looking for the fine, I turned to the blue part and read the fine. I then interrupted the officers lecture about how I need to be a better driver, and shouted. 80 DOLLARS!!!!!! My girlfriend looked at me with those big blue eyes and said, "Does this mean that we are not going to be able to go on vacation??? :( " I looked at her, smiled and said, "No babe, we are going on vacation, we will just have to eat fast food." She then proceeded to give me a kiss. The officer interrupted us and said, "Yea you are going to want to pay that, because if you don’t they will come into your class and take you to court." I took this as an insult, we are dressed in our nice cloths which would consist of my green polo shirt from Hollister that you have seen in a picture that was once posted on another tread, and she was wearing dress pants, with a red semi low cut v neck shirt. My ranger has 31 inch mud tires on it so I can see why he might think I’m sort of a hick in that respect, but honestly I am not stupid, I was planning on paying it. It was then I said "Are we done here officer?" he said "just a moment" and he began to ask a series of questions regarding where we lived on campus if we were married, and I can kinda see where he got that, because our last names are so close together he might have miss understood when she said her name Ross, and Rose. But at any rate he then began to explain why we needed to always where our seat belts, and he started telling stories about other wrecks where seatbelts were not used, the problem with that is, we were both wearing our seat belts, the ranger beeps at you until both the passenger and the driver have their seatbelts on. But quite possibly the worst part of all this was we were pulled over on campus, there fore everybody was driving by honking and waving at us. And this is 10:30 at night. So everybody the next day was asking how much I had to drink, and how fast I was going, it was defiantly a bad situation. Well Now that I am done complaining time to go to class.
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Did he tell you where the infraction took place? Or do you have any idea? How did he get her name? What the 20 questions? Sounds sort of fishy to me.

Yea he explained where it took place, It took place pulling off of 54 onto meridian, and meridian is only about 40ft till you pull onto university, so the skiping of the lane close to the median is a common practice. He got her name during the questioning stage, He asked what her name was, if we had gone to any parties tonight or we had been doing any drinking, where i lived, where she lived, my home phone number, If we were married, several questions that in no way related to anything. It sucks, I talked to my insurance today, and we are going to work on getting it moved to a non moving violation, so my insurance wont go up any, right now i cant afford to get a boost in rates.
The moral of the story is:

Next time you make an illegal turn, try to draw less attention to yourself by keeping all four mudders on the ground!

Yea that wasn't the problem, I have been babying those tires, just bought them 2 weeks ago and 31inch bfgs aren't cheap. The problem was that when i pulled off the stop light i didn't pull into the lane closest to the median, i actually went to the far lane so i could pull into the school.


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Try explaining to the nice officer why he shouldn't give you a ticket when you just smoked em off. You'll get "nice mustang. Here is your ticket son." That's what that Texas State trooper said to me anyway. They like that son thing.
The officer then replied "A little while back you made an illegal turn" ... I had honestly never even heard of somebody getting a ticket much less pulled over for such and infraction.

Obviously, you don't have a campus police department at your school.

Our Campus Police at UCF ticket small stuff. I don't mind though, cause I've never been snagged, and they did catch some homo in an Saab that almost hit me when I was crossing an intersection. I guess he felt that I should have waited for his finely-built European General Motors-POS. The cop in the Crown Vic didn't see it his way.:D
I had the cop who said "well I pulled YOU over because you were the one speeding that was driving a Mustang" when there were about 10 other cars going the same speed in the same line. Hey isn't that discrimination??? :nonono:

Then there was the cop who said "nice Mustang, but you shouldn't go so fast"--hey it was ONLY 90 in a 55....what's his problem anyway?!?!?! :shrug: Besides, I had slowed down to 90.

Now that I am old (see the turning 40 thread) I get passed by the cops... NOT! :p

The reality is I had to move to Southern California where my driving style is considered "normal". :D
We have campus police but they stay busy with other things

Like what? :shrug:

Our campus police seem to be constantly looking for stalkers, and sexual assualt suspects. There have been a couple murders in the past couple years for them to investigate, and in Sept. '05 one of their undercover officers was killed by an Orlando policeman during a scuffle with drunk students at a game. They still have time for the occassional illegal U-turn.

It sucks getting a ticket, but if you were in fact guilty, just pay it and move on. It feels good to know that you have taken responsibility for your actions. It's almost ridiculous how people take tickets to court, regardless of how guilty they are, but what do you expect from a society that teaches everyone to pass the buck?
:scratch: I must be missing something; maybe it's because I'm very tired right now....... but, looking at your map and the route you drew thereon; I don't see where you have all that much opportunity to "make an illegal turn". Looks to me, if you were in the #2 (outside) lane when you jumped off 54; you'd be in the correct lane for all those right-hand turns :nice:

As for "the 20 questions; maybe he was looking for a pattern that would indicate you were somebody the department is looking for. And maybe the lecture was because he didn't want such a nice couple to get hurt.

But I too think the ticket was kinda chicken-shhhhhhhhaped! :rlaugh:
Yea i already paid the ticket, no big deal. Yea our campus police aren't nearly as busy as yours are, all ours tend to do is head over to the maintenance department and hang our drinking coffee with the psys plant workers. The only reason i know that is because i used to be a maintenance worker, Nobody can hold a candle to my Sick lawn mowing skills. Anyway, yea he tried explaining how i should turn at Kellogg and meridian but neither heather or i understand what we are supposed to do. :shrug: Oh well. Its over, I am a little poorer but I suppose the city has to make its money some how.
Im going about 78 in a 65 on the highway and some trailblazer with a radar detector passes me doing 83-85....we both top a hill....I see the trailblazer nail his brakes and at the same time I see lights topping the crest of the same hill....I dont slam on my brakes because the trailblazer was the one going faster AND dipped his nose slamming on the brakes....cop whips it through the median and pulls me over "I clocked you doing above 80 and Imma write the ticket for 75"....i hate the mustang discremination.

best time ever was one of my roommates has a 1991 acura integra thats bone stock lol....at this one intersection we usually play like we are racing but not really (I drive slow to keep it looking even like its a real race)...he takes off, burns his tires, redlines, scratches second...I take off...1/2 WOT to 4k, shift to 2nd, 1/2 WOT to 4k then let off cuz a car pulls out infront of me....I slow...get over to turn and stop at the sign....as I stop...I see crown vic lights come out of a gas station. I continue on normally to the next stop sign....cop pulls me over after I went through that stop sign...."Son...I couldnt get a clock on you...but I could hear you speeding." *shakes head*
I don't understand it either, it's all right turns. Now if the red line indicates your exact path, I say he pulled you over for the wrong thing!!!

Yea thats the exact path. I still don't know how to make that turn right. It probably didn't help that i left my radar detector mounted on the windshield the entire time. I'm sure he saw it, and he didn't like it to much.
Ok i just read the ticket a little closer it says i did the violation at Maple and meridian, I was NEVER on maple. We were on 54/Kellogg and were on meridian NEVER Maple, Maple is like 2 blocks down? I'm little upset that i didnt look that over closer, while he was talking to me.



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