OBD port is broken.....


New Member
Nov 4, 2018
Apache Junction, AZ
Just picked up an '06 GT from a Phoenix used car dealer and am new to the forum. Cheers! I have had fun bringing the car back to like new condition. Have needed to get a few minor things replaced and a few accessories for the interior "bling". The OBD port is broken. Only one (ear) with screw hole remaining. In turn, only one is holding the port to the dash. In addition, the port has been moved to new location under the dash and I bump it with my knee every time I get in. It won't be difficult to put back in place, but need to "firm" it up a bit and then forget about it.......till I need it! I could try to fab something to keep the Org. part, but i'm not good at that sort of project. The port leads back under the dash about 4-5" and terminates to large connector plugging into another. It's a short harness. Is this a common part and can I replace the unit? If so, where? I should mention that I have found "universal" OBD's with wire and terminals to make it fit. Just want the right part and move on. Thanks!
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