Obsolete control arm bolts. WTF!


New Member
Jan 9, 2010
Soo I am attempting to install my new Steeda lower control arms and the original bolts are thundered. I went down to both Ford dealerships in town who proceeded to tell me the lower rear control arm bolts are obsolete and they cannot get them. Does anyone have a source for these bolts? I am not sure if they are just a grade 8 bolt because they look like they have a taper where they go into the bushing.
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It just really surprises me that:
A. The aftermarket doesn't include the bolts with the control arms.
B. The aftermarket says in the instructions to "inspect the control arm bolts. Worn, rusted or pitted nuts and bolts should be replaced with new hardware from the Ford dealer", when the dealer cant even get them.
C. I cant be the first a-hole to have this issue. Surely, there is a company out there that offers this bolt.

Lucky for me, Ford still has the upper control arm bolts. (At a cost of $19 each, nuts not included)