Official Thread...For 1981 T Top Coupe Build


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Jun 25, 2008
Roaring River NC
You see the Purchase Pictures here: Shes Here.........Why do I do this to my self! - Forums

I decided I should do an Offical Project thread on it.

Will Start Updating things here:

Current Stuff:

1981 T Top Coupe
Six Point Cage
MM Full Length Subframe Connectors
*Change of Plans* 82 GT Nose/Extensions
Autometer Custom Guage Cage
Processing: Deposit Sent on Mod Swap Fox (98 Cobra Engine/Trans)

Plans: Going to Stiffen up Chassis with the cage and Subframes, Planning on Filling Engine Bay Holes, Swapping over the Modular 32 Valve Drive Train. and of Coarse Paint....(Not settle on Color), Interior will be mostly out of an 86 GT except for Rear Seat Delete and then Either SVO or Recaro Style Seats.

and of Coarse Some type of Awesome Wheels!!!!

Picked up the 82 GT Nose Cone and Fender extension today.....

Now the decission.....Which one?

and I need a Cowl Hood or Pace Car Scoop..

Yes thats a 86 Cowl Hood.....don't worry it will come off!



and I have a Grey Dash Just laying up there to see how it will look...



The 32 Valve Car I bought to swap over(Well Deposit is Sent, No Chickens Hatched Yet)



I think its going to be the 82 GT nose..>These cars look awesome....Just some examples of other Cars!

Photoshop of Terrys Car.....and My wheels.....silly 82 nose cone








and I want seats Like this:

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SWEET> I say leave the cowl hood but a pace car scoop would look real nice too. What's the deal on the motor? Car a write-off? I love the plan, keep us posted!

Which Motor?

The Mod Motor? Its a 98 Cobra Motor, Stock with Stock Transmission 5 speed. AJE K Member, A arms, Detail Zone Wiring Harness. I will be pretty much gutting the Foxbody wiring and Drivetrain over into the T top 4 eyed car.

Got all the stuff out under the hood tonight. Motor is ready to pull. then I can start Welding up the Roll Bar and engine Bay.
Engine is out...

Hope to start Cleaning and Filling Engine Bay Holes to give it a nice smooth look. Will be pulling the harness and Brake Booster out later this week. Hey its a start!

Few pictures...





everythings real straight and not rusty......super happy


Got some cleaning to do here but its aleast very solid..

how about the transmission mounting points do I need to change them out? In order to fit the Double Hump Cross Member?



So you bought a car that already has the DOHC in it? Thats kinda a shame to do that to another nice car lol. But you probably got a ridiculous deal on it which justified the purchase.
yea I am purchasing it already running......I haven't seen the car in person yet...but its suppost to need paint and a few odd and end things but has been a daily driver for the guy who built it.

I figure why not buy a finished running car and just do the swap instead of nickel and dime myself to death with little stuff....I know there is some work involved but it shouldn't be anything I can't do...snice I will have one there to take from and put on another. The other thing is, the current body with the Mod Motor is just any old 4cyl coversion Why not make it something different with the T-top car. If my t-top car where an orginal V-8. I would do a Push Rod Motor.

no big plans for the motor as of now.....will get it up and going then maybe after that might start looking into a stroker and a boost?