Oil flow


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Aug 27, 2003
Lexington, Ky
on my car, the passenger side of the engine has a pcv valve on the valve cover, and on the other side, there is a cap that has a tube hooked to it and that leads to the ground. Well, oil comes out of that cap and was wonderinig if i can run that tub into the air cleaner (since there is a hole for it and i'ev seen it done) but what will happen to the oil?
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oil comes out of the tube? please explain. first of all, the cars were either open emissions or closed emissions. closed is like what yours sounds like it was supposed to be. the cap pulls fresh air into the crankcase through the cap from the air cleaner and then the pcv sucks air and crankcase vapors out of the engine and sends them into the combustion chamber. an open system simply lets the car draw air from the engine compartment basically. anyway, you should not have any oil coming out onto the ground. there are supposed to be baffles inside the valve covers that prevent oil from splashing out. also, have you changed your pcv valve lately?