Oil out the dipstick!!!


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Oct 11, 2005
After many times of cleaning and rechecking were oil is coming from. It looks like its coming from the dipstick. I take the dipstick out and shows oil on the stick all the way to the top. I removed my catch can a while back ago. And im only running the S/C Thunderbird PCV. The oil is all over the streering wheel(whatever the thing is called), also theres some on the spark plug wires not to much just looks like it splashes up. Any ideas?
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its coming up the tube and out? or just out where the dipstick goes into the block?

i would say either blow-by or something isnt right with your PCV system. and since you just replaced your shortblock i would lean toward the PCV sustem. try switching back and seeing if that changes anything
how full is the oil? is the dipstick all the way in the block where its suppose to be.

whats your vac? you should try and see how much pressure is in the crankcase by hooking up a pressure guage to the dipstick and your pcv.

maybe your pcv system is clogged.