Oil question on a GM Diesel


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Oct 4, 2020
Can we talk about 'other" brands in the off topic section here?
Battled this question 20 plus years ago when my good pal bought a new Lightning and Ford said use 0-20 oil in it?? We were like "cmon, its friggin supercharged??

I have a 2020 chevy truck with a 3 liter diesel and GM wants you to use 0-20 Dexos D oil.......
LIving in Florida we really don't have to deal with too many cold mornings so I always wonder about using this watery oil when it comes to oil change time which is where we are at........ I found some 5-30 Dexos D at Amsoil today and would like to use it....
I know there are some factory wrenches on here and I believe even a couple of GM workers.......
Any thoughts by any here?? thanks
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The 3.0 has a belt-driven variable-displacement oil pump. You don't want to run a heavier oil than that system is designed for.
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Use the Factory Dexos
The engine has tight bearing clearances et al. and the oil needs to get there cold
Consider Florida's heat as a detriment and not a gift
So use the severe duty schedule (police and taxi)
No problem with those GM's here
Love my Corvettes and Camaros