Ok this is my last mod for the year What blower?


New Member
Aug 15, 2003
Hey guy's I have a 97 stang vert and i love my car. But this is my last mod for this year so far i have SVO Heads , Super chip , gears , drive shift , pullys ,cold air= BS MODE. Next year I'am geting the motor rebuild and thats it for me done. Oh ya but the end of the summer I well have a LS-1 VETTE. Any way should I get a SVO Intake and a cent blower or a Roots blower maybe a SVO Blower to go with my Svo heads? I don't go to the track that much hell maybe one time a year. But i need to spend this round of money right no looking back. My friend has a Sleen blower for sale for 2k but i don't know if it well flow good with my SVO heads. He has a 02 stang and the heads are ported deffrent from my heads. As of now i have a PI Intake on my car and it's not flowing at it's best. So what should I do Root or SVO Intake and cent blower ???????? Oh ya what type of power well each of these combs give me?????? OH one more thing I have a big traction problem well DR'S HELP ME OUT
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