Okay pulling the trigger on an '03 Cobra Vert need some input


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Nov 19, 2003
Decided to go with the '03 and get the '06 later. Here is my question, for those of you who have bought a Cobra lately, how are they dealing? I know I can get the $3000k cash back but we have a like 30 '03 verts in my area (kansas city) and they aren't moving. I had a one dealer a couple of weeks ago down the $32,900 w/ the cash back but decided to wait. I think I can get this car pretty close to $30K w/ the inventory and the cold ass weather were going to be having, if I do something around Christmas. Any suggestions, thought? Oh, and color isn't a problem as all of them are available, also do you really have to pay up much for the 10th Anniv. Stuff?


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I just bought a new 03 coupe 10th Anniversary edition Black for $32K out the door. The coupes have 1500 cash back instead of the verts' 3000. I think the vert 10th Anniversaries are in the $40K range list, so I'm not so sure you'll be able to get a vert 10th for the $32700 offer made to you on a regular vert. Actually the price quoted you sounds very nice.

There are some dealers up here in the NE that are not discounting the Cobras at all (of course, they are not selling any either) but one dealer told me that because the SVT's are not going to be made after March '04 there will be a demand for even year old left over 03s in a few short months.

I doubt you'll see them roll back much more than this. The dealers do buy these cars from the mfg. and can't take too much of a bath on selling them.
I got 3000 cash back on my coupe, on top of A-plan.
28K out the door with chrome rims.
If the dealer says the rebate is only on 'verts he is whacking your pud
(that's, of course, in a manner of speaking...not literally)