on a budget!!!


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Jan 2, 2007
i am planning on "building" my motor but i have a few ?'s about some things. what do you guys think of this......
- should i port and polish my stock e7's, mill them to raise compresion, and throw a gt40 or explorer upper/ lower intake manifold?
- buy the gt40 heads, and explorer upper/ lower, and do the milling and porting to these??
any advise would be greatly appreciated.

other mods that i have done already.......
-3.73 gears with rebuilt traction lok
-underdrive pulleys
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corral.net classifieds are your friend :nice:

i would go with the GT40ps out of an explorer. you can usually go to a Junkyard and get the heads and intake for like under 500 bucks.
I got some s7's ported and wish I would have bought some gt-40's or p's. I haven't been around a long time or built 10 sec. cars, but one thing I have learned is YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! If you wanna go fast, it won't be cheap, and the stock stuff just won't cut it in most cases. The GT's have the E7's and Cobra's have the Gt-40's, look at how much faster a Cobra is compared to a GT( not just b/c of the heads, but you see my point). For iron heads do Gt40's, P's you can also do but they need special headers, then you could always port them.
Aluminum's would be powerful and less weight, but also more expensive...
Going fast isn't cheap, but you also want it to be reliable...just my $0.02
Ported E7s allow deep into the 12s.. ported GT40s a little deeper. If you get the great Explore H/I combo from the junk yard.. your ahead of the game.. Just look into the heads befor you "Just bolt them on.." some times a ported package works out to be just a few bucks more or even LESS than a stock rebuild!! I have an Explore combo here that had 3 bent valves..so be carefull!!

Just me.............................................

thank you for all the feedback. i have been doing some reading and what i have came across is that the "poll" for the gt-40 and the p's are about half and half. some say p's are better and others say they "suck" cuz of the plug ang. from what i read the p's sound more appealing to me..... i think i wil go with the p's and explorer intake

i have heard about your name alot and it is said that you do GREAT work on heads and intake manifolds.:nice: i also heard that you sell setups ported and unported for some good prices. do you have an setups with the p's and intak manifold ported???
no porting what so ever.

I have mac-p-headers, bbk offroad h-pipe, e-cam, 65mm throttle body, 30#injectors and maf, 3.73 gears, cobra intake.

Those numbers were also with stage 2 colder plugs gapped at 35 with only 10 deg timing.

I know i can get 12's on motor with slicks, hopfully 11's on the 100 shot. But now im putting the juice on the 90 gt 4-valve and not racing the 94 anymore.