on stock bottom end


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Jan 2, 2005
I have a 89 roller 302 just out new bearings,rings,oil pump the usual freshen up in.It has an f-cam and ported e7 heads.I was going to put it in an old ford truck,but I have a 86 coupe sitting here.I have a c-4 with a 3800 stall and 8.8 with 4:56's.Performer rpm intake and holley 750cfm.With a 150 shot do you guys think it would go mid 7s in a 1/8?This is just going to be a toy,not a driver.
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I have a 89 with the same setup except with a e-cam.With a 5 speed and 4:10 gears I ran a 7.98I was just wondering if the automatic and stall would slow it down any.I could easily go 7.5s in the other one on a 150 shot,just cant shift fast enough anymore.Lol Also the 89 is carbed too.650cfm though.