one wire replacement alternator - have ?'s


Jan 11, 2006
as the title suggests i have found a good deal on a new 100 amp replacement alternator. it's a 1 wire hookup. it's sold by summit and made for a ford. i haven't really paid any attention to the alternator or the wiring. has anyone here done this upgrade, and if so how? anything i shoudl be certain to do? recommendations? this one is sweet looking, glass black and chrome. thanks.
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hmm.... just reread my post. i should have elaborated more. running a new pos cable from the alt to the starter solenoid is simple - but how do i keep my voltmeter? doesn't it use one of the wires in the wiring harness that goes to the stock alternator.
I installed a powermaster 140 amp alternator with one wire hook up from summit racing. It is a simple install. You just unbolt the stock alternator and unplug the wire harness which you will no longer use. Bolt on the new alternator and connect it via the one wire from the alternator directly to the battery. It is just that simple.
and your voltmeter still worked? hmm... i was assuming that one of the wires in the harness that runs to the alternator was the feed to the voltmeter. apparently i was mistaken. so i have my battery relocated to the trunk. would it cause a malfunction to run the new pos cable directly to the starter solenoid? btw - thanks for your help.