P1131 Code Need Help


Aug 24, 2009
hey guys im looking for sme help here i pulled my tranny out to do a clutch, and upon putting it back in the b1s1 plug on the harness side fell in between the block and bell housing. i didnt relize this untill i wento go plug it in. i pulled the trans back outpulled the harness out and put everything back together. took thecar for a ride and ran like sh*t i get into 3rd, 4th,5th gear and the car shakes like hell. scanned the car and i keep getting b1s1 code so i pulled the harness uptop and pulled th loop back and found the red with yellow and i think solid red wire pinched and touching. i cut a slpiced them back together cleared the codes took for a ride again and still same thing no change got same code and wen i came to a light the car stalled and was a pain in the ass to get start again. any info that any one has or has has some what of this problem would be great if you chim in thanks guys..
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