Electrical Parasitic draw help


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Jul 4, 2019
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Got a 1993 mustang had it for about 6months and about two weeks ago I went to start my car and the battery was completely dead.i then jumped the car and it started right up.i drove it for about 45min and shut it off. The next day I went out to start it and it was completely dead again. So I took the battery to autozone had it charged and tested and it and it failed the test after it was charged so I purchased a new battery and installed it in the car. The following day I went out to start it after the new battery was put in it was completely dead again. So last night I threw it on the charger I have here at home and this morning I took my volt meter to it and was reading 12.6v,so I decided to to a parasitic draw. Ran my meter on the 10a scale and was reading .432(432miliamps) witch is way to high of a draw so I started pulling fuses and got to fuse 17 and pulled it and it dropped down to .014 witch is Way below the 50Miliamp limit. So I looked behind the fuse block to only find a yellow wire and a white/purple wire run long to fuse location My question is fuse 17 is labeled as a spare so I need to figure out we’re else these wires go to.any help is appreciated

Car is completely stock with a 1 wire alternator. No Interior Lights on, no alarm,
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Put lubricant all over the balls
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Feb 18, 2001
Every diagram I found only list it as a spare.

On 87-92 it is a spare.

In 1993 it's the amp


Unplug the amp under the seat and see if the draw goes away