perfomer vs perfomer rpm differance


New Member
Dec 30, 2003
sandwich il
whats the differance between the two . i want one of them but later down the line i dont want too have to change and spend more money. will an rpm 2 be good for a stock motor i have 3.73 gears cold air induction full exhaust chip a/c delete, pulleys how much horsepower we talking about if i slap this on.
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The power band for the regular performer is from Idle-5500. The RPM is from 1500-6500. Thats at least that's how Edelbrock explains it. It really depends on where you want your power to come in. If you are conserned with Smog... the regular performer comes with a CARB number, the RPM and RPMII doesn't. As for HP numbers probably about 25 depending on the condition of the engine and tune of course.
Probably gain 8-10rwhp...

The RPM will give you better pull up top with a loss down low compared to the Performer.

A few of done the swap (the uppers are the only thing different between them) and they gained a bit of mph at the track but were running the same E.T's because they didn't have the torque of the Performer down low...