PHB Users, Chime In Please


Jul 11, 2003
Southern California
I'm a dolphins chest hair away from getting a PHB from Maximum Motorsports, but I'm looking for anyone who has one with Bassani exhaust in place. Basically I would like first-hand knowledge if they fit together. My exhaust was not cheap (polished stainless headers, & full stainless after that, all Bassani) & I want to avoid cutting it up to fit past the PHB.

If you have a Bassani catback with another brand PHB, how well do they fit together & what brand?

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SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
While my PHB is not literally on the car, i know it does not fit with a bassani catback. Mach'ed mine up on another car at the shop, wasn't even remotely close.

It would appear the panhard bar works with the stock exhaust, dynomax ultraflo and one of the flowmaster kits (not the 3 chamber kit, because it's no where close to fitting on my car).

The ultraflow will give you the best odds, but it's one of those projects that there are no guarantees.

I wanted a bassani catback, but thankfully i tried it out first.

I've explored pretty much every option for keeping the rear centered it appears there are very few bolt on solutions that allow you to keep the rear exhaust exhaust without modifying it.


Jul 11, 2003
Southern California
Thanks for your insight XP8, that clears the fog a little bit. I'm going to look for an exhaust shop that has very good fab skills, stainless materials & cert'd welder. Maybe I can have something custom fabbed over the axle to keep my bassani tips & also the stainless. If that doesn't work out, I'll be searching for an IRS sooner than I had planned.


SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
Over the axle isn't the issue, it's where it comes down on a back end of the drivers side.

There is only a couple brands of panhard bar.
I think mm and griggs are the only mainstream ones left on the market.
Steeda has their 5 link, but it's $1300+new springs, and you still may need to modify the exhaust.
There is a couple watts links out there, but they are even less user friendly from what i can tell.
The IRS is an option which i also explored, that has it's own issues. First of all, it's much wider and will require new wheels almost for sure (the right size is not easy to come by either), then you have the reliability factor, adding the right bushings and support, coupled with weak axles and a rear prone to axle hop adds up to quite a bit of cost. Then you still need an IRS exhaust.
I run drag radials 100% of the time, so weak axles crossed it off my list, upgraded ones are $1600 a set.

I considered selling my panhard bar and going another route, but none are easy, no matter what something is going to give, so i decided to just keep it.

With my current 3 chamber kit, only one side has to be modified to work. With that said, i don't really want to keep that exhaust anyway.
Best idea seems to be mount the panhard bar, remove any exhaust that won't fit, then take the exhaust to a qualified exhaust shop and have it pieced back together to fit. If you are lucky the passenger side won't need any modifying.

I happen to be lucky, i have an extremely qualified chassis shop at my disposal.
Refabbed a stainless 3 in catback on my explorer.

PHB+exhaust modding is realistically the cheapest option, other than removing the tailpipes, which is just plain old stupid.
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