PI Cams or Crower Stage II


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Feb 25, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
Getting ready to take my car to the mechanic for a PI Swap. I have purchased both the PI Cams and the PI intake Manifold kit for my 97 GT (auto). I will be putting a Vortech on it later this summer, but I planned on getting this swap done first.

Once the Cams and PI intake are on I will get a Dyno tune. Then I will take the car back late July to get the Vortech and get the install and tune done.

So I was trying to decide what the best route to go would be for the cams. This car is my 100% daily driver, so I dont want to effect its daily drivability. I would really like to wake this car up though.

Since im getting the Vortech the Crower Stage 2 blower cams would be perfect, but their $600 and I would have to wait for the Vortech to put get them installed.

So I am thinking that its between the PI Cams and the Crower Stage 2 NPI cams. I plan to eventually get my NPI heads ported. My question is, is it worth it to go with the Crower Stage II NPI Cams or should I just stick with the PI cams? Also, if i decided to wait and do all these installs together would the Crower Stage II NPI Blower Cams be a huge difference over the Crower stage II non-blower cams? How bout compared to the PI Cams?
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If staying N/A go with CMS stage ones (formaly VT stage ones), hps hardbalker intake and LTs. Should get you close to 290 rwhp (340 crank hp). Seeing as you want to go F/I I would say get MPH or CMS blower cams.
yea, it doesnt sound like a complete PI swap, just cams, intake

I would say it just depends on how much power your aiming for. However, if you plan on having your stock heads ported, I would just wait until you do that to install cams. Your not doing the work, so it would make better sense to go ahead and pay for it all at once. Id go with the PI intake, add a blower, then when you have the heads done, do the cams as well. Its just expensive having people do 2v labor.