pic request please


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Sep 18, 2007
Houston, TX
Found a good deal on a set of all black 03 Cobra rims here locally but cannot find a pic I need.

Real simple, White new edge with black 03 wheels. I search for about an hour yesterday and only found one crappy pic on Google and my computer is too slow to search the whole pic thread.

Any help is greatly appreciated to help make a decision on these wheels.

Thanks, Blake
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got a side shot of your car man? It would be easier to just chop them on.

this is as close as i could get to a white car with the black 03's on...
See what i mean about how they look like spares from a distance?
You can barely tell what rims they are....or even make out the spokes or where the rim ends and the tire begins :shrug:


you can't even tell there is any wheel design at all. Why even bother with picking any wheels. Those in that pick look just like a set a steely wheels. All black wheels don't do anything to tastefully enhance the style of the car. Which is the point of putting wheels on your car.
reducing weight by buying large diameter and wider sized wheels? Maybe if you bought legitimate 3-piece wheels:p

Actually not sure on the difference tho

Of course most wheels us mustang guys put on for the street are about the same or heavier then stock. But have you ever felt a Weld draglite with a tire on it? A 15" draglite with a 29" tire is lighter then just my stock wheel. Kinda crazy.