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She's purty.

You NY guys must have had a few days of nice weather (seems like I have seen a few of ya posting Spring pics before you get crappy weather again).
Ram000 said:

man, that's a sweet cobra--very shiny. what brand of tires are those? they kinda look like nitto dr's. i like them, they look really aggressive. + for the spacers, too.
the tires are the bf goodrich g-force ta k/d, they are the tires that came stock on the 2000 cobra r. i really appreciate all your support, alot of time and $ went into this project and the approval of stangers like u guys means alot.
Basically just a bunch of cars hanging out in a parking lot. Not really organized and its a lot of imports. However, there are always a decent number of stangs and such, good place to meet people. I know some people from the city come up for it, but depending how car out LI you are, might be a pretty long trip. I'm always trying to find people close who are into mustangs, my friends all have evo's, wrx's etc.