Pintle cap question


Yeah, it was pretty stiff, but eventually a buddy
Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
So I broke one of my pintle caps that I bought, but already replaced my last on on another injector. Can I run my car for a day or so until I get to the parts store to get a new one? I have seen one with a link that some guy did and it worked:

Also when I do get a new one, just boil it in hot water to make it easier to install right?
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I have no idea on the installation of the caps with heat .... but you should be fine for a day or so. Just get the new one installed really soon. BTW, where did you buy your pintle caps? Were they for stock 19's?
got them at NAPA. Found out though that a lot of places will say just a seal kit as it is listed in the computer, but it really has the pintle cap in it also. So have them bring it to the front and check it out yourself :nice:

and yep, they were for the stock 19s
Borg Warner sells a pintle cap and ring kit for a few bucks each.

Boiling the pintle caps in hot water is how I would do it too (they always break, but that lessens the chance). This was a tip I got from a member here.