Please help me identify this bellhousing


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Aug 30, 2018
Anna, TX
Picked up a Tremec 3550 and it came with this bellhousing, but I cannot figure out who made it. Anybody here recognize it?



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Old McLeod t5/tremec blow proof bell. Want to say part number was 8660 or something can't remember have 2 of those in the garage, needs a different shim ring to fit the t5 if its bolted to a tremec, it should have the ring for that. also missing the block plate from the pics
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Thank you for your reply. Did not come with a block plate. It is going to be used with a Tremec 3550 that it came with. Do I need a specified block plate thickness, or would a factory thickness plate work?
Its much thicker then the factory shim... call up McLeod they would know best, might even still have something that works. Alot of them are paper weights now from missing parts like the center shim ring, when you see them posted on eBay for stupid prices. QuickTime killed those and the lakewood since they where $300 new when they first came out... Now there like 1100 with Holley owning them.. Hell of price jump for spun steal lol.
You can find the aluminum tremec bell for around 270ish new , an old used srod bell would probably be cheapest option, I have a ford racing one I only used for mock up I'd let go for $200 if you where local but shipping these days isn't worth the hassle or cost without a business account on stuff that big. I have more bellhousings them tremecs these days, found a deal on an expired used quick time so never used that one in a car.

McLeod 8561 block plate might work but I would call ask first..
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I sent an email to McLeod this morning and hopefully I'll hear back soon. Searching around for part number 8660 I came across the instruction in an eBay listing and the starter index plate I'm looking for appears to be P/N 8621. A quick search and nothing interesting came up.
McLeod 8660 Instructions.jpg
Don't remember anything special there. All I remember is a ring or sleeve that centered a collar on the face of the trans around the input/TO bearing retainer. My 20 y/o memory doesn't feel all that trustworthy, though. Seems like the starter bolted right up.
Have not heard anything back from McLeod so I gave them a call this morning. They said that the block plate is no longer available and advised me to find a machinist that has a laser or water jet table, trace the holes and have one made out of 0.187" material. That sounds like it would cost more than to just get a factory bellhousing. I then asked if there was an issue using a factory starter index plate and aside from the SFI rating, everything should work, may have to shim the starter.

I've got a center shim ring coming and I have offset dowel pins ready for when I do the install.
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Factory shims about .060 thick so might be decent amount of shimming, like I said alot of these became paper weights when stuff goes missing. Surprised there universal's block plate wouldn't work, the part number I posted, but looks like the starter maybe cut out for a 164th flywheel on that. Missing center bore shims make them pretty much unusable, I guess the still sell those?.. The T5 is the thinner of the two shim rings. I still see plenty ppl claiming they can redrill a cast t5 bell for a tremec lol, the cast bells bores all ready to big if it was machined for a T5 trans. I want to say they probably stopped selling these bellhousings around 2008 or 2009, the lighter spun quick times killed the sales since they where about the same price.

Water jet stuff isn't too bad if you have some local Fab shops with one.. Obviously cost of the material and cpl hrs labor though to scan it in and run it, probably not worth it to do only one vs cutting a whole sheet of them in one shot..
Hey, Trogdor, just came across this on the marketplace. Figured you might wanna reach out:

I'll probably never run a 3550 again. So, it's not interesting to me. However, if I thought I would, I'd jump on it.
Thank you for the heads up, but I'm not using the bellhousing for the SFI protection, more for convenience.

I'll see if it works with the stock plate, if not I'll search for an SROD bellhousing.