Please help.. need color/finish info for parts restoration.

As recommended to me in another post, I’m listing some specific parts that I would like color/finish help with:

The pitman arm.
The bracket/spindle that holds the pitman arm to the car body.
Power steering control valve, and connecting/extension rod.
Power steering gear box.
Tie rod ends.
Steering linkage (what is this referring to; does it mean the tie rod ends and other parts?)
And the transmission cross brace support.

For all the above parts the books say “natural” finish. I have seen everything from grey, to silvery, to blackish-brown.

So, can you gurus help me understand what the actual color is for each part, and what you have done to achieve the correct color/look.
Am ever grateful for your help.

Spec's on the car: 1969, San Jose plant, Sportsroof, 4V 390 cid Ram-Air V8.
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