New Member
Apr 13, 2005
Ok here's the tps went out and i need to change it.....the problem is every tech manual i've looked at only says...don't do it at home...take it to the shop....could anyone explain??! also if it is actually possible to install it myself could someone please tell me how? thanks
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disconnect plug at TPS. Unscrew two screws holding it on. Replace with new TPS. Put in screws. Plug in to harness. Should be close on voltage. If able to check make sure the voltage is as close to 1.0 volts with throttle closed.
very easy job.
Here is some info on the TPS.
I personally would not sweat trying to dial the setting exact if it does not want to (.90-1.10V should be fine, IMHO). if you experience issues later, you can play with it and get it dialed in right at 0.97 volts or whatever you choose.

good luck.