Please Help!!


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Nov 19, 2013
Im about to buy a 1997 ford Thunderbird 4.6L automatic transmission and put it into my 1996 Mustang gt. I just wanna make sure before i make the purchase, if the Thunderbird transmission will fit properly and that all the connections and pins and bolts are all as they should
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Are you expecting a true "plug and play" install? If not, how much work are you willing to do? Range selector swap? Tail shaft swap?

If you go to and search for a transmission for your car, does the Thunderbird come up as a proper "interchange" car? If not, then the swap isn't likely a true "plug and play".
Take some pictures of your tranny from under the car and then go to where the tranny is being sold and see if things look the same. Should be, but 96 was the first year for the Muatang using the 4.6 and the 4r70w and I have no clue what the first year of the T-bird was so there may be something like the speedo, or main harness not being pinned the same,etc,etc. You know the tranny will physically bolt in and that your drive shaft will fit so try using the Internet to find the wiring diagrams for each car and find out how the speedo works. I would imagin the gear selector should work or you should be able to bolt up the Mustang stuff.