please post pics - stalker body kit


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Oct 25, 2003
can you guys who have the stalker body kit post your pics on here, im thinking of getting one but i want to see how it looks first. the only pictures cervinis has are on a convertible and its hard to tell what it would look like on my car cause mines not a vert, thanks
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What year? 87-93 doesn't have a Stalker kit available for it, just a front end. Anyway, here it is:



its Item # 339 On the Cervinis website. Goes for $399 from cervinies, kinda pricy but the quality of there hoods and bumpers is well worth it, you wont need alot of prep work if any at all before its painted and the fit will be perfect. I plan on getting that same bumper for my stang this spring as well. Just remember and it especially goes for aftermarket hoods/ bumper/ body kits on Stangs......You get what you pay for.
say a stang with the first stalker kit posted, the blue sn95, and i really didn't like it much. I mean it wasn't painted int he front but the back just didn't appeal to me. However the second kit on the black vert is just nasty. :hail2: